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Buy Now! $489
15% off for existing SF1 customers, use serial number as coupon code

About Strikeforce 2

STRIKEFORCE 2 is a Hollywood cinematic percussion library tailored especially for media composers. If you’re scoring a TV show, a movie, or creating some epic game music, STRIKEFORCE 2 will quickly become a favorite essential tool for percussion in your arsenal. Brand new and loved by many Hollywood film composers STRIKEFORCE 2 is set to be used in film and game projects such as the upcoming game Marvel’s1943 Rise of Hydra”, “League of Legends” and the Netflix Show “Missing: Dead or Alive?”, just to mention a few.

It comes with a massive selection of expressive Ensembles and Solo percussion. All of those instruments were uniquely build for this library. We recorded from the softest touch to the hardest drum hits. All instruments come with 16 round robins on each of the 6 Dynamic Layers providing realism, playability and loads of variation.

STRIKEFORCE 2 is not an update or a replacement of the original Strikeforce, but rather a complete library in its own right and a fantastic compliment expanding the Strikeforce percussion universe.

STRIKEFORCE 2 features a very different palette of instruments than the original STRIKEFORCE. That said, they both share the same layout and methodology and as a result, they play great together in a session. Stylistically, if original Strikeforce is a grand Gladiator type sound, then Strikeforce 2 is more of a hard driving Dune or Black Panther type sound.

SF2 wouldn’t be an epic library without our massive large percussion, we also have a whole bunch really useful, smaller, high energy percussion that can cut through in a mix.

145 brand new instruments total!

92 Big Percussion Instruments! (16 Round Robins per 6 Dynamic Layers)

41 Medium to Small Percussion Instruments! (16 Round Robins per 6 Dynamic Layers)

12 Miscellaneous Instruments (16-32RR)

It’s our sincere hope that STRIKEFORCE 2 will inspire you!

Strikeforce 2 Specifications

42Gb uncompressed (16Gb on Disk with NI lossless compression)


  • 145 Unique Patches
  • 54 Large Drum Ensembles (6vl 16rr)
  • 21 Small Drum Ensembles (6vl 16rr)
  • 38 Solo Large Drum (6vl 16rr)
  • 20 Solo Small Drum (6vl 16rr)
  • 12 Miscellaneous Percussion ( Cymbals, Metal and Tick Tocks) (6vl 16rr) (2vl 32rr)
  • 30 Multi Presets


  • Individual Round Robin Selector Matrix
– Round Robin Playback Modes (Serial & Random
  • Close and Far Mix, with Individual Pitch and ADSR
  • 5 Different Drum Tunings per Ensemble / Solo Patch
  • Individual Panning per Tuned Section
STRIKEFORCE was recorded in 24bit/192kHz at Ocean Way Nashville Recording Studios. Final master is delivered in 24bit/48k.

Patch List

01 Big Percussion
04 Warrior Ens 2
01 Galaxy Drums Ens
02 AaaahhYeah Ens
03 Warrior Ens 1
05 Warrior Solo 1
06 Warrior Solo 2
06 Warrior Solo 3
3000 Army Ens 1
3000 Army Ens 2
Assassin Ens 1
Assassin Ens 2
Assassin Solo 1
Assassin Solo 2
Assassin Solo 3
Big Floppyhead Ens 1
Big Floppyhead Ens 2 loose
Big Floppyhead Flam 1
Big Floppyhead Flam 2
Big Floppyhead Solo 1
Big Floppyhead Solo 2
BiggieSmall Ens 1
BiggieSmall Ens 2 loose
BiggieSmall Flam
BiggieSmall Solo
Bison Drums Ens
Bison Drums Solo 1
Bison Drums Solo 2
Bounty Chaser Ens 1
Bounty Chaser Ens Bounty Chaser Ens 3
Bounty Chaser Ens 4
Bounty Chaser Solo 1
Buzz Drum Ens
Buzz Drum Solo 1
Buzz Drum Solo 2
Combat Ens
Combat Solo
Desert Fury Ens
Desert Fury Flam
Desert Fury Solo
Grand Diplomat Ens 1
Grand Diplomat Ens 2
Grand Diplomat Ens 3
Grand Diplomat Ens 4 loose
Grand Diplomat Felt Flam
Grand Diplomat Flam
Grand Diplomat Soft Ens 1
Grand Diplomat Soft Ens 2
Grand Diplomat Soft Felt Solo
Grand Diplomat Soft Flam
Grand Diplomat Solo 1
Grand Diplomat Solo 2
Grand Diplomat Solo 3
Grand Diplomat Solo 4
RattleDrum Ens 1
RattleDrum Ens 2 loose
RattleDrum Flam 1
RattleDrum Flam 2
RattleDrum Solo
Rustle & Bustle Ens
Sicario Ens 1
Sicario Ens 2
Sicario Ens 3
Sicario Solo
Skindrums Ens 1
Skindrums Ens 2
Skindrums Ens 3
Skindrums Ens 4
Skindrums Solo 1
Skindrums Solo 2
Skindrums Solo 3
Super Collegno Ens
Titan Drums Ens 1 Loose
Titan Drums Ens 1 Tight
Titan Drums Ens 2
Titan Drums Ens 3
Titan Drums Ens 4
Titan Drums Solo 1
Titan Drums Solo 2
Titan Drums Solo 3
Titan Drums Solo 4
Tribal Siege Ens 1
Tribal Siege Ens 2
Tribal Siege Solo
War Drums Ens 1
War Drums Ens 2
War Drums Ens 3
War Drums Solo 1
War Drums Solo 2
02 Small Percussion

Colossus Ens 1
01 Inferno Blaster Ens
Angry Octoban Ens 1
Angry Octoban Ens 2 loose
Angry Octoban Solo
Colossus Ens 2
Colossus Solo 1
Colossus Solo 2
Driver Ens 1
Driver Ens 2
Driver Solo 1
Driver Solo 2
Driver Solo 3

Fast Stick Drum Ens
Fast Stick Drum Solo
Firetoms Ens 1
Firetoms Ens 2
Firetoms Solo 1
Firetoms Solo 2
Mando Drums Ens 1
Mando Drums Ens 2
Mando Drums Ens 3
Mando Drums Solo 1
Mando Drums Solo 2 Flam
Mando Drums Solo 3
Sandrum Ens 1
Sandrum Ens 2
Sandrum Solo 1
Sandrum Solo 2
Sandrum Solo 3
Sardine Drum Ens 1 tight
Sardine Drum Ens 2 loose
Sardine Drum Flam
Sardine Drum Solo 1
Sardine Drum Solo 2
Small Collegno 1
Small Collegno 2 tight
Top Driver Ens
Top Driver Flam
Top Driver Solo 1
Top Driver Solo 2
03 Miscellaneous Percussion

Cymbal Dark Soft Bell
Cymbal Soft Bright
Metal Sheet
Standard Cymbal
Sticks 1
Sticks 2
Sticks Ens
TinkTink Cymbal
TinkTink Cymbal Dark
Trash Cymbal 1
Trash Cymbal 2
Trinkets n Tchotchkes (32 rr)


  • Intel Macs (i5 or higher): macOS 11, 12 or 13 (latest update)
  • Apple Silicon Macs (via Rosetta 2 & natively on ARM in Standalone or in hosts that support it): macOS 11, 12 or 13 (latest update)
  • Windows 10 or 11 (latest Service Pack), Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU
  • Graphics hardware support for Direct 3D 11.1 (Feature Level 11_0) or higher
  • 4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended for large KONTAKT Instruments)

Download and activation is handled via Native Access.