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“Strikeforce is a one-stop shop for big drums. This is what you want!”

– Junkie XL  Mad Max, Deadpool, Tomb Raider


STRIKEFORCE is Laboratory Audio’s flagship cinematic percussion library geared towards the professional composer for a highly expressive and fast workflow. Recorded, mixed and produced in Los Angeles, STRIKEFORCE focuses around a modern large ensemble film percussion sound.

The library includes a vast assortment of massive percussion ensembles, smaller drum ensembles and solo percussion, all with layout that allows the user to go from a smaller ensemble (or even solo) sound to a large group / big ensemble sound within a single patch. There are 115 patches that feature this unique and very cool layout and are recorded with 6 split out dynamic layers and 16 round robins. Also included in the library are an assortment of anvil hits, solo and ensemble, sub-booms, impact hits and metallic tick tocks (32 rr) for a total of 129 unique patches.

We focused our efforts on setting up practical and musical mixes instead of presenting a multitude of mic positions that use up system resources and slow down the workflow. The library features two curated complete mixes that smoothly blend together, and can be controlled via the mod-wheel. A “close mix” with tight dynamic room, and a “far mix” for a wider more epic cinematic sound featuring more of the hall. Both mixes blend seamlessly together and can easily be controlled via the mod wheel for a closer or a more pushed back far sound. We took great care in creating a highly dynamic and playable instrument that sit perfectly in the film score mix for a great straight out of the box sound.

“Massive Cinematic Ensembles”

“Powerful, Organic and Alive”

Patch List

Big Drums:

LowDrms ENS 1 tight
LowDrms ENS 2 loose
LowDrms ENS 3 flam
Mauser ENS 1
Mauser ENS 2
Toms of Steel 1
Toms of Steel 2
Bomber 1 ENS
Bomber 1 Solo
Bomber 2 ENS

Bomber 2 Solo
Bomber 3 ENS
Bomber 3 Solo
Bomber 4 ENS
Bomber 4 Solo
Bomber 5 ENS
Bomber 5 Solo
Bomber 6 ENS
Bomber 6 Solo
Bomber 7 ENS
Bomber 7 Solo
Bomber 8 ENS
Bomber 8 Solo
Bomber 9 ENS

Bomber 9 Solo
Bomber 10 ENS
Bomber 10 Solo
Buffel Drum Solo
Buffel Ens loose
Buffel Ens tight
Dropper Ens 1
Dropper Ens 2
Felter ENS 1
Felter ENS 2
Overlord1 Flam

Overlord2 Flam
Overlord3 Flam
Overlord4 Flam
Overlord5 Flam
Overlord6 Flam
Overlord7 Flam
SmatterDrum 1
SmatterDrum 2

Hybrid Drums:

Armour ENS
Damper ENS 1
Damper ENS 2
Freeze Toms
Ghost Rider
PitchDrum 1
PitchDrum 2
PitchDrum 3
PitchDrum 4
PitchDrum 5
Puncher ENS
Rexxer ENS
Stacker ENS
Thunder ENS
Warp Toms


Metal ENS
Copper Gong
Megaloon Black
Megaloon Purple
Megaloon Red
Metal Gong
Sizzle drum 1
Sizzle drum 2

Small Drums:

MiniToms 1
MiniToms 2
MiniToms ENS
Stormer Grp 1
Stormer Grp 2
Stormer Wide ENS
Taifoons 1
Taifoons 2
Taifoons ENS
Tiny Toms 1
Tiny Toms 2
Tiny Toms ENS


Snares Big ENS
Snares Bigger ENS
Snare Berlin ENS
Snare Berlin Solo
Snare Brass ENS
Snare Brass Solo
Snare Concert ENS
Snare Concert Solo
Snare Field 1 ENS
Snare Field 1 Solo
Snare Field 2 ENS
Snare Field 2 Solo
Snare Maple ENS
Snare Maple Solo
Snare Orch ENS
Snare Orch Solo
Death By Snare 1 Ens
Death By Snare 2 Ens
Death By Snare 3 Ens
Death By Snare 4 Ens

Impacts, Menus and FX:

Anvil Big Ensemble 1
Anvil Big Ensemble 2
Anvil Small Ensemble
Anvil Solos 1
Anvil Solos 2
Anvil Solos 3
Faceripper Menu
Haunted Menu
Impact Menu Soft
SubBooms 1
SubBooms 2
Trailer Hit Menu

Tick Tocks:

Ticky Tocks

STRIKEFORCE specifications

– 43 GB uncompressed (18.3 GB on Disk with NI lossless compression)
– 129 Total KONTAKT Instruments
– 32 Multi Presets


– 72 BIG Ensembles Instruments (6vl 16rr)
– 11 BIG Solo Instruments (6vl 16rr)
– 12 Small Drum Ensembles Instruments (6vl 16rr)
– 13 BIG Snare Ensemble Instruments (6vl 16rr)
– 7 Solo Snare Instruments (6vl 16rr)
– 27 Solo Anvils, each with (12rr)
– 8 Big Anvil Ensembles (12rr)
– 4 Smaller Anvil Ensembles (12rr)
– 14 Sub Booms (12rr)
– 21 Clockticks short metallic sounds (32rr)
– 15 Tick Tocks short metallic sounds (2vl 32rr)
– 4 Impact menus


– Individual Round Robin Selector Matrix
– 2 Round Robin Playback Modes (Serial & Random)
– Close and Far Mix, with Individual Pitch and ADSR
– 5 Different Drum Tunings per Ensemble / Solo Patch
– Individual Panning per Tuned Section

STRIKEFORCE was recorded in 24bit/192kHz at Village Studios in Santa Monica. Final master is delivered in 24bit/48k.

System Requirements

  • Intel Macs (i5 or higher): macOS 11, 12 or 13 (latest update)
  • Apple Silicon Macs (via Rosetta 2 & natively on ARM in Standalone or in hosts that support it): macOS 11, 12 or 13 (latest update)
  • Windows 10 or 11 (latest Service Pack), Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics hardware support for Direct 3D 11.1 (Feature Level 11_0) or higher
  • 4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended for large KONTAKT Instruments)
  • Kontakt 7 or higher
  • Komplete Kontrol 1.8 or higher
  • 64 bit DAW is recommended for optimized performance.

Download and activation is handled via Native Access.